About us

Why We?  "The People's Internet Company!"

Our Vision

We is not just a regular hosting company. Our vision goes far beyond profit and loss and hosting. Let me tell you a bit about our vision here at WHwebhosting.com and give you a little more insight about what We will become over time, just so there are no surprises :-) We believes in continuing technology education. Those three words are very important to us. We have a vision of having a our Network of Staff Members, starting out in Maine, and then going Nationwide, to bring technology education seminars to each and every school in our country. A few days of technology education for a student, or even a teacher, may be all it takes to open up the floodgates of learning in this new era of technology. One on one training with a student or teacher could light the spark of interest in them giving them the drive to further their education in the field of technology. We would like to have the entire our Network and a group of teachers or students in every school in our country involved in our program eventually. For now, we start with one school, maybe two or three, and expand from there. We bring in the new gadgets of today, show students and teachers how to use them, spark their interest, and show them where to find more resources on technology - and off they go. We've seen it happen many times - a child picks up a piece of technology, or plays with a piece of software, and the "gears" in their head start churning. Asking questions. Seeking answers. And before you know, they're an inventor of some new technology that makes the world better.

Hosting is important to us - no doubt. We love web hosting. But to be a member of our company, you really need to understand our full goal. Even if you're in the web hosting industry we believe you should be actively involved in supporting your users, providing mediums of communications such as forums and online chat for users to chat in and learn from each other on.... We believe in sharing knowledge. If you ask a question, and we know the answer, we'll share what we know. We're hoping our users will do the same. So if you decide to join us, we hope you'll be an ACTIVE our member, and share your knowledge. Only with knowledge can we grow.

We remember what it was like being a web hosting or Dialup Internet Access customer looking for service on the web. It was terrible. Support that did anything except support you (like... pass the blame)! Sales people who wanted to be your best friend... before the sale. We understand. We're not like that. We offer real service packages AND we will be here for you down the road. We may not have the lowest prices in the world (not the highest though!), but we promise not to leave you hanging!

We guarantee that our servers will not be overcrowded or overloaded.

Fast customer service - Any problem you submit is solved fast - not in 24-72 hours like those OTHER hosting companies!

Lower Your Operating Costs - Focus your attention and your finances on your core business, not on the time-consuming task of administering your Web, email, and URL. We has the technical infrastructure in place, so there's no need to invest in added personnel or equipment for an expensive, in-house system.

Increase Productivity - Access your spam-free email at home or on the road, anywhere, anytime, wherever there is an Internet connection. We multiple data center architecture ensures a reliable connection and ample server space to end lost or delayed email.

Strengthen Your Company Image - Your URL is an important piece of your Internet strategy. Make sure it's working its hardest for you. Promote your company brand through synchronized email and let customers recognize you instantly.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is very simple.... to help businesses and individuals nationwide alike establish a presence on the Internet at a reasonable, affordable, price. Not the cheapest price, we're sure. And to be your partner in CONTINUING TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION.

But then again, we never wanted to be called cheap.