Affiliate Program

Make more money with referrals to It's simple and easy. When you refer a new dedicated hosting customer, you will receive up to 25 percent commission based on that new customer's revenue. Our current commissions range from $6.00 to $150.00. 

Affiliates Make Money

We pay a leading commission rate of 25% paid for web hosting services. 10% paid for dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

We pay commissions on all items that are purchased through our online shopping cart. Commissions grow with the size of the sale. If the customer you refer buys 10 servers, you'll be paid a one-time commission on all 10.

How the Affiliate System Works

Visitors from your Web site will automatically see a specialized version of site that is optimized for affiliate traffic.

When your traffic is detected on our site:

All chat pop-ups are suppressed.

You still receive your commission if an inside sales rep is selected in our shopping cart.

Affiliate Program Details

The first order on any new account is eligible for commission.

Commissions are paid at the rate of 10-25% of the total amount of the sale, less tax. There is NO cap on the size of the order or the resulting commission that is paid.

The new account and order must remain paid and in good standing for a period of 90 days before the commission is paid.

Minimum $100 affiliates have to reach before making a withdrawal.

The payments are carried out using PayPal only. No checks or wire transfer.

Tracking cookies survive for 120 days.

No parasites, SPAM activity, or other activity deemed malicious or harmful to affiliates is allowed in our network which is determined at our sole discretion.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Place a banner or link from on your Web site or blog that refers your clients to and start collecting commissions!

Refer your business associates.

Place a "Powered by" graphic with a link on your Web site.

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