USA location dedicated servers
In February, we began offering dedicated servers in the USA (Pennsylvania, Kansas City) data centers. Choose USA location dedicated servers for a cheap price.

Scheduled Maintenance - website

Scheduled Maintenance -website
Date: (11/09/2017)
Duration: 1-2 hours

For this period, the main website's gonna be under maintenance.

This will not affect...

All servers upgraded to newer PHP version 7.2

To ensure all our servers are speed up and software are up to date and vulnerability free, we have been upgrade on all our shared and reseller hosting servers to the newer PHP version 7.2....

VPS Reboot button is now functioning again

We are happy to announce that the VPS Rebooting button is fixed and is now working.


VPS servers migration

We will be performing several maintenance in VPS servers, the impending mandatory maintenance and migration that will be occurring within 48 hours. Server(s) are being migrated onto brand...

VPS servers migration completed

VPS Server Migration Completed. We have Completed Server Migration.

Server are being migrated onto brand new, upgraded hardware. 

No action Required in client side.


MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade

Today we have updated the MySQL server from 2015/10/22

Migrating from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.5

Today we php upgrades from 5.4 to 2015/10/22

New dedicated servers packages
We would like to introduce a new dedicated server plans. We can offer you the cheapest dedicated servers with prices starting at 43.99 per month. For more information about server configuration and...

The old server will be switched off 2012-08-01.

The old server ( will be switched off 2012-08-01.

If You use own ns1, ns2 you must change IP addresses for this.

Please update your child name servers...

Scheduled Maintenance - all data migration from server

Scheduled Maintenance - all data migration from server [07/30/2012]
Date: (07/30/2012)
Start Time: 12:00 GMT
End Time: 12:00 GMT

Revised Network Backbone

We have received valuable feedback in response to our announcement of the upcoming migration of legacy The Planet server traffic to the SoftLayer backbone network.

As announced, this...

November Network Backbone Improvements

Earlier this summer, our data center made additional investments in the data center backbone network through hardware and network capacity upgrades. We’re now prepared to provide...

Terms and Conditions of Service has been updated

We wish to inform our customers that we...

Downtime for Network Upgrades at Data Center

We have setup new routers at one of our data centers to improve network utilization and to handle an increased amount of traffic. We want to move the existing traffic to these routers and for...

Regular Maintenance | Saturday Nov 13, 2010 | Internet Border Router code Upgrade
Regular Maintenance
Saturday Nov 13, 2010

Our goal is to provide you with the most dependable and flexible hosting infrastructure in the...

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