» What is an MX Record?

"Modify Mail Exchanger" (MX Entry) Do Not Touch This - Ask FIRST if you think you need this feature and know what it is.

(Briefly: The MX Record is used to control where email sent to your domain will go. Usually it is not necessary to modify this record. Occasionally it is necessary to host a web site with one network, but have an email hosted somewhere else.)

To be more specific, if you NEED this information:

Modifying an MX record MX Records (or mail exchange records) are special server settings that help to control the routing of your email.

By default, your email is currently routed through our server. If you wish to route your mail to a different provider, outside your hosting account, you may do so by choosing "Modify Mail Exchanger" from your Mail Manager menu, and moving to the "Change an MX Entry" section of your account. Here, you'll be prompted to enter the domain to which you'd like to give control of your email. NOTE: You must enter a valid hostname here and NOT an IP address.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you've directed your mail to a server outside control of our server, you will NOT be able to control your mail from this hosting account.

This means if you have multiple email addresses, forwarders, autoresponders, and mailing lists, they will no longer be configurable through your CPanel Control Panel.

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