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article Can I change to a different domain name for my hosting account?
Yes we can do that for you; just open new support ticket, telling us your new domain name you...
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article How do I get my domain to work?
Your domain will not work until you have pointed it to the our nameservers and it has propagated...
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article My domain is registered via another registrar. Can I transfer it to you?
Yes, and we honor the time you've already paid your old registrar for. Plus, we add a free year...
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article What is domain name propagation?
Propagation is the time it takes to send your domain's address information to servers all over...
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article What is Domain Parking?
Domain Parking is adding additional domain name(s) that you own to a hosting account with all of...
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article What is domain pointing?
It takes domain parking a step further, when multiple domains resolve to different index pages or...
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