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article How do I add a NEW user to my database?
To add a new user to your database, log into your control panel and click the "Manage...
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article How do I Add a user to my new database?
To "Add a user", log into your control panel and click the "Manage MySQL"...
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article How do I Connect to MySQL with PHP?
Here's how to connect and begin querying the MySQL server from within your PHP scripts:1. Connect...
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article How do I create a new database?
To create a new database, log into your control panel and click the "Manage Mysql"...
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article How do I upload a mysqldump of my database?
1. Create a database in your CPanel. 2. Go into my phpadmin and select the database you just...
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article My database name has added username_ to it - do I use that in my scripts?
USERNAME_ will be added to your database name and database username. You will need to use the...
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article What extensions do I use for PHP?
You can use .php, .php3 .phtml, .php4
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article What is PHP?
PHP is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language used to create scripts and/or Web pages. In...
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article What should I put for the MySQL host name?
You would use localhost
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article Why do I get a PHP 500 Error?
Normallly, the permissions on php files should be 644 and the permissions on folders containing...
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